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Stainless Steel Non Stick Coating Blades - 6 Pcs
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Stainless Steel Non Stick Coating Blades - 6 PcsStainless Steel Non Stick Coating Blades - 6 PcsStainless Steel Non Stick Coating Blades - 6 PcsStainless Steel Non Stick Coating Blades - 6 Pcs
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Stainless Steel Non Stick Coating Blades - 6 Pcs

Cut, Slice, Chop, Carve, Peel and do more without any frustration or hassle! The EVERRICH 6-Piece Knife Set is designed with YOU in mind. These Professional Quality Kitchen Knives have been constructed to give you the advantage when dealing with even the most stubborn cutting tasks. The Non-Stick Coating on these kitchen knives allows for minimal tension and surface adhesion, providing optimal cutting power with minimal effort. To top it off, these vibrant cooking knives boast Soft-Touch Handles which have been ergonomically designed to provide a more form-fitting and comfortable feel than traditional knife handles. This Knife Set has precision, beauty, and outstanding performance that make it a perfect gift for you or loved ones!

Knife Blades with Multiple Functions:

The front part of the blade is used for cutting small vegetables and fruits, e.g. shallot or garlic.
The sturdy side of the blade can be used to break up small bones or to break open crustaceans.
The wide side of the blade is useful for pressing filets down and for lifting the food, e.g. herbs.
The middle section is for cutting hard and soft foods.
The slightly curved blade shape is ideal for mincing herbs and for chopping.
The back part of the cutting edge is used for foods that are difficult to cut through.


Ergonomic handles for reducing physical strain
Precision chromium stainless steel blades with diamond ceramic non-stick coating
Non-stick resin coated blades
Color coded handles for usage distinction
Will not taint food with metallic taste
Swiss Quality – designed in Zurich


1 X 8 inch Chef Knife1 X 8 inch Bread Knife1 X 8 inch Carving Knife1 X 5 inch Utility Knife1 X 5 inch Cheese Knife1 X 4.5 inch Pizza Knife1 X 3.5 inch Paring Knife

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